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moving and storage
Home Removals  and  International  Moving  Needs. We  gurantee  for  most  affordable  and  Reliable  moving and storage.  
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Weekly Service to UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal.
"Some of our Corporate Clients are the French Embassy,Belgium Embassy,Landmark Developments,Greg Kinsella Design"
Planning your Move : AK Movers & Shipping has moved thousands of families just like yours. And, while every move is unique, there are many things common to most of them. Knowing these in advance will help you get ready to plan your own.Years of experience have proven that planning is the key to any successful move. It's the best way to ensure that everything is ready in time and that you and your family are prepared. The first step is to develop a plan that everyone will feel comfortable with. Let our years of experience help you with this.
Professional Packing Service : When relocating, nothing is more vital to protecting household goods than the proper packing and preparation procedures. Our trained and experienced packing team uses a variety of new materials and special preparation techniques to provide the finest protection for our customers' belongings.Our packing teams are experts in packing unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items. We will pack and transport special belongings using purpose made materials and equipment. You can be sure that we will look after everything, from your glass and chinaware to a grandfather clock.
Pre move survey : One of our trained pre-move surveyors will arrange to visit you at home. We will complete a comprehensive pre-move survey so that we can advise you of the most appropriate personal moving plan for you.
We then create a detailed tailor-made move plan, including exactly what you want moving and whether we'll need any special equipment or materials to move large or unusual items.
Custom Crating : Sometimes, specialized crating is required for the safe protection of large, fragile breakables such as stained-glass windows, marble tabletops, and chandeliers.
These items need the special care and attention that can only be provided by custom crating. Wooden crates are constructed by our crews to the exact specifications required to protect your delicate valuables.
Be sure to point these items out to our moving consultant and ask for details about having them crated.
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